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  1. The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe Podcast #189 - Mar 4 2009

    This week’s topics are: Interview with Kenny Feder - Clovis Find News Items: Vaccine Decision, Designer Babies, Riversnake Update, TAM7 Info Science or Fiction Who’s That Noisy

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  2. Neil Turok - What Banged? (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics)

    The evidence that the universe emerged 14 billion years ago from an event called ‘the big bang’ is overwhelming. Yet the cause of this event remains deeply mysterious. In the conventional picture, the ‘initial singularity’ is unexplained. It is simply assumed that the universe somehow sprang into existence full of ‘inflationary’ energy, blowing up the universe into the large, smooth state we observe today. While this picture is in excellent agreement with current observations, it is both contrived and incomplete, leading us to suspect that it is not the final word. In this lecture, the standard inflationary picture will be contrasted with a new view of the initial singularity suggested by string and M-theory, in which the bang is a far more normal, albeit violent, event which occurred in a pre-existing universe. According to the new picture, a cyclical model of the universe becomes feasible in which one bang is followed by another, in a potentially endless series of cosmic cycles. The presentation will also review exciting recent theoretical developments and forthcoming observational tests which could distinguish between the rival inflationary and cyclical hypotheses.

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  3. Alan Boss: The Crowded Universe

    Host: Commonwealth Club Location: San Francisco, CA Event Date: 03.13.09 Considered a leader in the search for planets outside our solar system, Alan Boss says we are at a turning point in our search for extraterrestrial life.

    He expects we are on the verge of finding many different Earth-like planets across the universe, and he expects it will be common to find life on those planets. He shares his ideas for how the United States can be on the forefront of the next great discovery: life on another planet.

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  4. Radiolab - DIY Universe

    Can you make your own universe? We usually think of the universe as “everything that exists,” so how could you make another one? Well, physicists have been speculating about the existence of multiple universes for some time now. And for Robert, the obvious next question was: “Can we make one?” So he invited physicist Brian Greene to his kitchen to speculate about just that. And it turns out, it’s not such a far-fetched idea. There are scientists right now trying to figure out whether it’s possible and what it would take. According to Brian, it would require a tiny black hole, a dash of reverse-gravity, and a lot of luck. But the laws of physics don’t rule it out.

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  5. The Agenda: Neil Turok on the Endless Universe

    Neil Turok on the "Endless Universe" and the Q2C:Quantum to Cosmos Festival.

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  6. Dark Secrets: What Science Tells Us About the Hidden Universe

    No mystery is bigger than dark energy - the elusive force that makes up three-quarters of the Universe and is causing it to expand at an accelerating rate. Join a panel of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientists who use phenomena such as exploding stars and gravitational lenses to explore the dark cosmos.

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  7. To The Best Of Our Knowledge: Einstein, God & The Universe

    Albert Einstein died more than half a century ago, but there’s still a raging debate over what he thought about religion. He once said "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, what exactly did Einstein conclude about religion? We’ll hear from leading scientists and religious scholars, including Richard Dawkins, Steven Weinberg and Elaine Pagels, as well as Einstein biographer Walter Isaacson.

    Steve Paulson speaks with Richard Dawkins, Elaine Pagels, and Einstein biographer Walter Isaacson. David Lindorff wrote about two physicists’ interest in mysticism and alchemy. David Leavitt tells the story of mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. Father Thomas Keating talks about God and the contemplative life.

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  8. Lawrence Krauss: Life, The Universe, and Nothing

    Lawrence Krauss is a professor in the Department of Physics at Arizona State University. His lecture entitled Life, the Universe and Nothing was recorded at the Isabel Bader Theatre in Toronto on March 27th, 2009.

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  9. The Science of Parallel Universes - could there be copies of YOU out there?

    New theories in physics claim that each of us has many exact replicas of ourselves in other universes - in theory you could get in a spaceship and if you travelled far enough, meet your identical self in an identical world! Some cosmologists say that if you accept space is infinite, then even the most improbable event must take place eventually. Join our panel of cosmologists and philosophers and bend your mind. Cafe Scientific at the Sydney Writers Festival Hosted by Dr Paul Willis, reporter ABC Catalyst

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  10. Please Explain: Matter, Anti-Matter, and Dark Matter

    Please Explain is all about matter, anti-matter, and dark matter. Lisa Randall, Professor of Theoretical Physics at Harvard University; Michael Tuts, Professor of Physics at Columbia University and Mordecai Mark Mac-Low, Chair of the Department of Physics at the American Museum of Natural History tell us all about what it is and what it means.

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