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  1. TummelVision 64: Lloyd Davis on Social Artistry, Collaboration, and Travel | Tummelvision

    Lloyd Davis (@lloyddavis) is Social Artist in Residence at the University of London’s Centre for Creative Collaboration. He blogs at Perfect Path and is best known as the founder of the Tuttle Club, London’s most popular and long-running meetup for anyone interested in the social web.

    He’s a ukulele player who enjoys singing songs from the 1930s. And he recently traveled coast-to-coast trip across the United States, as vividly recorded here. He’s currently resurrecting the Tuttle Club’s conversational process for consulting with large organisations about digital engagement strategies.

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  2. Tummelvision: Do You Speak-a My Language with Elizabeth Churchill

    There was a little Buzz, a little iPad and a lot of accents swirling around the show this week. It was our first ”international parity” edition serendipitously coinciding with the Olympics; we had two brits [Kevin and Elizabeth], a Canadian [Heather] and an American [Deb]. Ironically, we did not even touch on the Games themselves but rather focused on the true international language of “connecting the dots” and the human behavior and interfaces that help folks connect.

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