109 – Flying the U-2 Dragon Lady | omega tau science & engineering podcast

Definitely one of my favorite episodes! I already had the same thought as martin above: nearly all of those pilots you talked to were so very convincing in their talk, they really lived their job!

I also did learn many new aspects of flying in these special terms and was barely astonished for instance about the take-off capabilities (e.g. 200 ft of running before take-off, 45 to 50° angle of climbing…) and the fact, that there is so little power necessary for flying at the high altitudes, etc, etc.

Really, really good stuff and a humorous, experienced and willing guest Carl LaRue!

Thanks a lot to both of you!

LOL: PIO… Pilot induced oscillation…

Und als Segelflieger ist diese Episode tatsächlich doppelt interessant, trennt einen doch fast nur dieses Triebwerk von ansonsten vielen gemeinsamen Erfahrungen…


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