166 – Flying the Concorde | omega tau science & engineering podcast

What a fabulous episode!

As a keen teenage aircraft kit modeller, I had a 1/144 scale Airfix Concorde suspended in my bedroom pretty much as soon as the kit was released in the late sixties and I think, before the maiden flight of the prototype. Nearly fifty years later I’m still learning fascinating things about this magnificent machine!

Once again you asked all the right questions Marcus and it was wonderful to hear John’s detailed and forthright answers.

Towards the end I was thinking that The Accident was going to be skirted around – that possibly John wouldn’t want to talk about it. But then I was blown away by his forthright comments about it and he gave some opinions on the causes that I’d never heard before.

On a lighter note, I have heard an anecdote about the joints in the fuselage to allow for thermal expansion. Here’s a link to a site that has a photograph inside one of the aircraft now on

display. Before it cooled down after its last flight the flight

engineer stuck his cap in the joint. In light of John’s comments that it’s unlikely any Concord will fly again, it’s there forever!

Thanks again.http://timmatsui.photoshelter.com/image/I0000Lq7_k8QRjOc


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