Hanson: CMS: Are You Living in a Computer Simulation?

OK, OK, I admit, this is the weirdest show we’ve ever done. This is the kind of show Bill Curry yells at me about. But the minute — at one of our planning sessions — somebody said, "How do we know this is reality?" we knew we had to do a "How do we know this is reality show?"

At first, we didn’t even realize that’s something a lot of people talk about and think about. We knew Plato talked about it. Then Keanu Reeves. But we had no idea what a lively and ongoing debate was raging, especially about the possibilty that we live in some kind of digital simulation and that who ever is doing the simulation is either using elements of people like us who exist in some other place or time or just messing with us so we don’t know that we’re in the matrix.

You may think, right now, that it is all pretty hare-brained. But talk to us in an hour and ask yourself then. Can you completely rule it out?


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