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  1. On The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress with David Friedman

    This month on Film, Literature and the New World Order David Friedman joins us to discuss Robert Heinlein’s science fiction classic, The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. We discuss the power of Heinlein’s example of an anarchistic society and examine that society’s devolution into democracy. We also talk about whether books like this have value as metaphor or even blueprint for an anarchist transformation of society.

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  2. The Merchant and the Alchemit’s Gate by Ted Chiang

    A Baghdad merchant discovers an alchemical device that can send a traveler back in time 20 years. Despite the alchemist's warning that "what is made cannot be unmade," and three illustrative tales about others' attempts to alter the past, the merchant is determined to return to an earlier time to save his long-dead wife. Half lyrical Arabian Nights legend and half old school cautionary SF tale, this skillfully written story and its theme of insurmountable fate may comfort as many readers as it makes uncomfortable.


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  3. Seth Dickinson: Three Bodies at Mitanni

    A techno-tyranny might take the crude step of creating slave castes who derive conscious pleasure from their functions. But a clever state will go one step further and eliminate the cause of these inefficiencies at the root. They will sever thought from awareness. Seth Dickinson

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  4. YANSS 061: How to willfully alter your brain’s ability to willfully alter your brain’s abilities

    In a way, you can simply will yourself into a new physical form – that is if you use your will to routinely move heavy things, run around, or eat fewer tacos.

    Just as you can change your body at the atomic level by lifting weights, exercising, or eating differently, you can willfully alter your brain by performing another physical act: thinking in a certain way.

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  5. The Tim Ferriss Show - Episode 63: Hedge Funds, Investling, and Optimizing Lifestyle

    I am interviewed by Mark Hart and Raoul Pal for Real Vision Television, which was created to combat the dumbed-down approach to finance in traditional media. Mark predicted and bet on the subprime mortgage crisis, the European sovereign default crisis, and more. As Forbes put it, related to Mark, “Sometimes, combing through a mountain of manager letters felt like reading the newspaper years in advance.” We talk about nearly everything in this roundtable.


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  6. Co-founder of Quantified Self, Gary Wolf [Cool Tools Show #15]

    In this week’s episode of the Cool Tools Show, Gary Wolf, Co-founder of Quantified Self, shows us how his favorite Quantified Self inspired apps help him stay consistent, motivated and aware about his most important daily routines. If you’re struggling to keep your healthy habits in check, this week’s episode may help you diagnose where those dips in motivation are coming from.

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