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  1. TFTEOTW - Podcast: Analyzing What I Was Going For Here

    Whereas the previous podcast was recorded immediately after recording the audiobook and was extremely critical of the story, this one was recorded after having edited the entire thing, thought about it for a week, and seen some of the early reception of it. Having spent more time with the story, I was able to remember a lot more of what I was trying to do with it in the first place, and to come to terms with a few of the issues I had before. This podcast is mostly about all the references and intentions I had for certain scenes, and also a more nuanced critique of some of the things that I have issues with.

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  2. TFTEOTW - Podcast: A Critical Look At My Crappy Book

    After finishing this dramatic reading, I recorded a whole podcast commenting on it! Mostly tearing into it for all of my issues with it and explaining what I would change if I wanted to try and fix it. In this, I also address what the future of the story was going to be.

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  3. TFTEOTW - Epilogue: The Watching, Scarlet Dream

    This part I kinda like, and it has a lot of mystery to it in how it introduces what would've been one of the main characters in the series, Scarlet Dream. Because I think it's written in a way that's actually too subtle to pick up on, I'd like to clarify that Scarlet suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, which is why her expression and tone of voice changes over the course of this chapter.

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  4. TFTEOTW pt3: Made Out Of Nothing

    This is the only part that I'm actually, sincerely kinda proud of, particularly the first half or so. I would almost say that this part can be taken completely on its own as a standalone sci-fi story, though the repercussions of most of what happens are only felt in the other parts. This part is pretty much the entire actual narrative of the book. There are some cringe-worthy elements (one of the main characters is literally named Onii-chan), and there's some really clumsy parts towards the end, but I really do think that some parts of this are cleverly written, and that the concept behind all of these characters is pretty cool. I also really like the epilogue.

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  5. TFTEOTW pt2: Rebecca Lovecraft’s Delirium Trigger

    This part is a mediocre love story with a sudden twist, which is only sudden because this part is literally half-written. It only has the first two chapters and the last, with a missing mid-section, which makes the ending pretty damn confusing. Part 4 has a scene wherein a character explains what happens in that mid-section, but it's not in this part, and therefore a lot of the buildup to Part 4 is also missing. This part is short and not very good, and you could probably follow the rest of the story even if you skipped it, but it really helps to give context for the start of part 3, and all of part 4.

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  6. TFTEOTW pt1: I’d Hate To Lose This Light Before I Land

    This is the worst part of the book by far IMO. It's essentially a slice-of-life adventure told from the perspective of this loli assassin girl named Sou Anryou. She and her partner Takasu drive around the city gathering information about a series of murders that've been happening in the city, but their investigation really takes a back seat to the character development, which is mostly centered around Sou's sex life. Yes, it is massively creepy, mostly because it seems like I simultaneously was trying to make a Hourou Musuko-esque psychological exploration of childhood sexuality, while also writing a goofy A Certain Magical Index-esque loli fanservice vehicle (but by way of people who live in the city from Black Lagoon) and it just comes out squick as fuck. Plus it's boring. I love Takasu and Sou as characters, and how this chapter introduces the real main character of the series, Dark Holy, but I hate how I wrote the latter two, and this whole thing is basically skippable. There's no info that you learn in this one that you won't learn in the other parts. Also, since I was never all that great at writing very specific descriptions of characters, it might be difficult to picture exactly what Takasu and Sou look like, but their appearances were based entirely on this image.

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  7. TFTEOTW - The Foreword

    This is a new segment I wrote as an introduction for the audiobook, made to give as much context to what this story is and what to expect as I can.

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