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  1. Stunning visuals with Maths and…no JavaScript? - Ana Tudor ~ Full Frontal 2013

    Everybody has probably seen mathematical visualizations that were created using JavaScript. However, one thing that not everybody may know is that some of them can be perfectly replicated using nothing but HTML and CSS.

    This talk is going to deconstruct some examples, explain the mathematical reasoning behind, reveal a few lesser known things about certain CSS properties and show how using a preprocessor can help with keeping these demos extremely customizable while actually writing very little code.

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  2. Building with Web Components using X-Tags - Angelina Fabbro ~ Full Frontal 2013

    In this tutorial we'll take a deep dive into how Web Components (A collection of technologies that includes Shadow DOM, HTML Templates, Custom Elements, and HTML Imports) can be used as building blocks to construct a functioning web application.

    We'll review how each of the technologies under the web components umbrella work, how they work together, and how x-tags makes use of them to make modular, lightweight components. Special attention will be given to building applications for mobile devices with environments such as Firefox OS, Chrome OS, and PhoneGap.

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  3. Our web development workflow is completely broken - Kenneth Auchenberg ~ Full Frontal 2013

    With the introduction of HTML5 the way we look at the browser has completely changed, but what has happen to our development workflow?

    In this talk I take you through the history of web tooling and challenge the assumptions our current generation of tooling is build upon. You will realize that your web development workflow is completely broken, and that you over the years, have been making it gradually worse and more complex by adding more tools to the chain.

    It's time to rethink our tooling.

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  4. Pushing the limits of mobile performance - Andrew Grieve ~ Full Frontal 2013

    A focus on performance can make the difference between the success or failure of a web app. This talk will go through concrete examples of how the Mobile Gmail and Docs teams focused on performance when building their apps. Some of these techniques are well known, but others have not been shared before…

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  5. Mobile is not a thing; it is everything - Joe McCann ~ Full Frontal 2013

    The stratospheric rise in mobile subscribers, devices, services and apps has led to an even bigger explosion in the lack of understanding of how to design, develop and most importantly, recognize new opportunities with not only these new devices, but new use cases altogether.

    Let's step through the processes to help identify content strategies, design workflows and forecasting methods to unlock the true potential of mobile, not only for apps, but for the web and new channels of communication altogether.

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  6. JavaScript in the real world - Andrew Nesbit ~ Full Frontal 2013

    Anything that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript. First client side web apps, then server side programs and now you can control hardware, embedded devices and even flying robots with JavaScript.

    We'll look at how you can get started writing JavaScript for Arduino and Raspberry Pi to read sensors and control servos and build your own JavaScript powered robots.

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  7. ES6 uncensored - Angus Croll ~ Full Frontal 2013

    The latest JavaScript standard is just around the corner and language enthusiasts are already salivating over all the new toys coming their way. But, be warned, there are best practice zealots waiting in the wings, ready to re-label the fun parts as The Bad Parts and ruin the party. This time let's get a head start on them.

    With copious examples drawing on various novel, weird and wacky combinations of upcoming features, I'll show you how to go wild with ES6 and, in the process, demonstrate that play is healthy and censorship is regressive.

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