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  1. Decently Funny #65 - MrsRupertPupkin & KristyGee, giggity giggity giggity…

    Family Guy's giggling gals, Lauren Caltagirone & Kristy Grant grace Decently Funny for just over an hour with their beauty, timing and quick wit. Lauren talks about her cat, Kristy talks about her husband and both give the boys dating advice. We also learn how the ladies got their gigs at Family Guy and how they transformed from mere funny ladies to become Twitter's little princesses @MrsRupertPupkin

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  2. Science Friday Archives: Oliver Sacks and ‘The Mind’s Eye’

    Science, technology, environment and health news and discussion from the makers of the NPR public radio program Science Friday with host Ira Flatow.

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  3. Jesse Sheidlower: The F-Word

    Oxford English Dictionary editor at large Jesse Sheidlower discusses his new, in-depth look at that most offensive, rhymes-with-pluck, four-letter English obscenity, The F-Word.

    This second edition includes many new words and phrases, F-words from Britain, Ireland, and Australia, and hundreds of new examples of usage. Words, explanations, and examples come from thousands of sources, including Lord Rochester, Norman Mailer, e.e. cummings, Ernest Hemingway, Liz Phair, Jack Kerouac, Anne Sexton, Playboy, and the Internet.

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  4. Evolving English — Steven Pinker

    Steven Pinker discusses the interplay of language and the mind and how psychological processes have shaped the English language.

    The best stuff is about using Google's enormous database of word-from-books to track how language evolves over time, in particular the gradual erosion of irregular forms in English (keep/kept and drive/drove) in favour of their regular counterparts (beep/beeped and jive/jived).

    Which you WILL want to follow up with a visit to Google Ngrams - - essentially Google Trends but with all written words in the English language for the last 1,000 years (instead of all search terms in the last ten years).


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  5. Designing Social Interfaces


    "Christian Crumlish and Erin Malone

    As soon as we saw Erin Malone and Christian Crumlish’s new book, Designing Social Interfaces, we knew you’d want to hear about their rich collection of social patterns and principles. An outgrowth from creating the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library, the book is a perfect repository for anyone planning, designing, and building social aspects into their applications.

    The core fundamentals of people wanting to share, people wanting to connect to people, people wanting to feel like they have a social space to be a part of, aren’t going to change. —Erin

    We’re excited to have both authors with us on the UIE Web App Masters Tour and we made sure to schedule this podcast with them so we could discuss the realm of social interfaces.

    Jared Spool discusses several points with Erin and Christian, including,

    How the book became a huge collection of social design elements and how people are using Designing Social Interfaces in the wild Could a better understanding of social design patterns have helped Google launch Buzz with less blowback? Expecting to build a community on your site, versus leveraging existing communities (for example, Facebook Connect) The growth of social in new contexts (mobile, new audiences) We tried to drive down to a bedrock level of principles of human behavioral drives and needs and tradeoffs that are fundamental to the dynamics of the system. If there are new trends… that part can be updated without throwing out the idea that you need to model people in your system. —Christian

    Tune in for more from Erin and Christian, and join all of us at the Web App Masters tour to hear their Designing the Social In session, where they’ll highlight many real-life examples to kick start your app’s social life."

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  6. Guest: William Lobdell, Author of “Losing My Religion: How I Lost My Faith Reporting on Religion in America”

    Also: The Current State of State/Church Separation

    Reporting on religion for the Los Angeles Times is eventually how journalist William Lobdell lost his religion. His new book, "Losing My Religion," just came out this week so tune in for this interview! The hosts will also comment on current freethought and state/church developments, and debut Brazilian vocalist Sharon Bele's version of the song, "Beware of Dogma."

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