Nodalities Podcast—Nigel Shadbolt talks about Web Science, the Semantic Web, Linked Data, and Garlik

In my latest podcast I talk with Nigel Shadbolt, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Southampton. We discuss Nigel’s background in Artificial Intelligence, and the appeal of the Semantic Web, before turning to explore the introduction of Linked Data to an enterprise audience and the multidisciplinary focus required to carry the Web forward.

During the conversation, we refer to the following resources;

* Academic Institution Internal Structure Ontology (AIISO)
* Advanced Knowledge Technologies Project
* Cambridge Consultants
* DBpedia
* DSpace
* Egg
* Epistemics
* ePrints
* FirstDirect
* Garlik
* Wendy Hall, and our recent podcast
* Mike Harris
* Tom Ilube
* Linked Data
* Mosaic
* Scientific American, and its 2001 Semantic Web article
* University of Edinburgh
* University of Nottingham
* University of Southampton
* VoCamp
* Web Science Research Initiative