Snack Pack — CSS Frameworks, React HOC, Render Props, Coding Designers, Early Career Advice and a sound board! — Syntax Podcast 030

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Show Notes


you should try out the new

Syntax Soundboard by Andre Madarang

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Skateboarding on a TRAMPOLINE?!


Q: What are your favourite features coming to HTML 5.2

Dialog Box

Multiple Main Tags

Thanks Jordan!


Q: How do you retain all the info you learn like a sponge?

Thanks Ozan


What are your favourite CSS Libraries / Frameworks?

Thanks Blake!


What were some of the struggles you had early on in your career? How did you overcome them?

Learning how to read error logs and messages

Dealing with Impatience

Coding is very frustrating


What are High Order Components and Render Props?

High Order Components

React Render Props

Video: Michael Jackson - Never Write Another HoC

React Downshift

React Reconciliation


Q: When should you just drop the towel on code?

When should you throw in the towel on code?

Scrapping a codebase and moving from PHP to JS

Let's talk about if it's worth it


Q: What is the best way for a JS beginner to get their hands dirty?

Don't work on apps, work on pieces!


How do you recommend a designer falling in love with frontend dev sharpen their skills while being (happily) committed to a full time design position?

Should designers code?



It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be


Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite


Tony Robins Podcast


The Kevin Rose Show

Shameless Plugs


New React Native Course!


CSS Grid Course

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