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  1. Augmented Reality: Not that Real Yet

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  2. Ryan Mast on Augmented Reality and Millersville

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  3. Augmented Reality for Advertisers


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  4. All Points Blog: The State of Augmented Reality

    A very good podcast about Augmented Reality, by two GIS-heads. Sounds like a cool show in general but this was a very intelligent discussion of AR in particular.

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  5. Java Mobile Podcst 90: Augmented Reality

    A developer-centric discussion of how to build non-visual AR apps, focusing on API access. I found it enjoyable and informative.


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  6. SXSW 09 - Emerging Trends of Mobile Technology

    iPhone 2.0, Android, Flash Lite 3.0, Streaming Video, Electronic Wallets, Mobile technology is growing rapidly and becoming an intrinsic part of consumer mentality. Hear the experts discuss the role of mobile in today’s lifestyle, discuss emerging technology, and predict national and international trends.

    Rob Gonda, Sapient

    Juan-Carlos Morales, Sapient Interactive

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