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  1. jrsinclair / James Sinclair

    I live in Australia and like to write about JavaScript and other things.

  2. samharrelson / Sam Harrelson

    Head of https://harrelsonagency.com in Columbia, SC where we work with businesses, churches, and non…

  3. BenjaminParry / Benjamin Parry

    Consumer of podcasts and such.

  4. kevinpacheco / Kevin Pacheco

  5. glennjones / Glenn Jones

    Glenn Jones is a director and a founder of Madgex. Equally as passionate about interaction design an…

  6. rycaut / Shannon Clark

    entrepreneur, conference organizer, writer, chef and fan

  7. merlinmann / hotdogsladies

    I’m Merlin, and I make my living at sea, catching wild dolphin fish and tracking the elusive “Sa…

  8. rssaddict / Louis Simoneau

  9. adewale / Ade Oshineye

  10. briansuda / Brian Suda

    The audio home of Brian Suda, a master informatician living in Iceland.

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