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  1. The forgotten mistake that killed Japan’s software industry - Disrupting Japan

    For our 200th episode, I'm going to explain exactly what went wrong in the Japanese software industry.  I'll lay out the whole story, and also pinpoint the specific moment Japan lost its way. And by the end you'll also understand why everything might be about to change.  You see, the story of Japanese software is not really the story of software. It's the story of Japanese innovation itself.

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  2. 裏技英語: Episode #164: 初のCheat Day!? 海外からのゲストのおもてなし術!

    いよいよ10月11日からインバウンド解禁!ということで、海外から来るゲストをもてなす食事処の選び方をアドバイス!ガイドブックに載っている人気店や高級レストランがいいわけではないのです!ご自分の経験に基づいて"As far as I'm concerned, this place has the best 〇〇 in Japan!"や"It's not really in any of the guidebooks, but it's where the locals go."といったフレーズでローカルな忘れられない経験をしてもらいましょう!ところで、このエピソード、実は2年前にまた訪日観光客が増えると見込んで一度お届けしたもの。初めてのCheat day(!?)をおゆるしください!   "—- —- —- 新しいポッドキャスト:外資系裏技英語:基本のKEY Amazon Music(独占コンテンツ有り!) Apple Podcasts Spotify —- —- —- 裏技Executive Lounge (ファンクラブ) 入会してボーナスコンテンツを毎月ゲットしましょう! 外資系裏技英語 LINE スタンプ | スポンサーのCamblyの15分無料体験: 映像付き全エピソードをYouTubeにも: Instagram Twitter Podcastに購読しよう! Amazon Musicで聴こう! Apple Podcastsへ購読!外資系裏技英語 Spotifyで聴こう!""";

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  3. Kiana Weber and Martin Howley | String Wizards | Episode One

    Kiana June Weber is a once-in-a-generation musician and public figure that combines her classical training with her love for American and Irish folk music.

    Kiana graduated early with a BM in violin performance from University of Michigan SMTD, and gave the commencement speech to her graduating class. At only 19, she was scouted by the violin troupe Barrage and toured internationally for three years. In 2012 she made a splash as the fiddler player in Celtic music’s favorite band, Gaelic Storm, with whom she recorded 4 billboard world No.1 albums. In 2017 she left the band to pursue her own career and toured as a special guest with Grammy award winning artist, Carlos Nunez. In 2018 she originated the role of fiddle on the First National tour of Broadway’s hit Come From Away.

    Kiana is an educator par excellence, with a unique pedagogic philosophy that yields measurable success in all learning styles. She founded her own company to further contemporary violin education. American born and living in the West of Ireland, Kiana tours internationally much of the year and enjoys openly sharing her experience.

    Martin Howley has been at the forefront of Irish Mandolin and Banjo for over a decade. Martin is a seven-time national champion on Mandolin and Banjo. He was the first Irish Banjo and Mandolinist to play at the hallowed Grand Ole Opry in Nashville Tennessee.

    Martin is leading the vanguard of Irish mandolin, bringing the instruments to new levels of virtuosity and innovation, and introducing Irish Banjo and Mandolin to new audiences throughout the world. He has performed with The Chieftains, Ricky Skaggs, Eileen Ivers, Carlos Nunez, Steve Earle, Bela Fleck, Altan and Mumford & Sons amongst others.

    In 2011, Martin founded We Banjo 3, with David Howley and Enda Scahill. We Banjo 3 began their career under the auspices of Music Network, recipients of the Music Network Young Musicwide award. Martin has managed We Banjo 3 and guided them to become the biggest Irish music act in the US. Their 6 albums to date have garnered multiple Album of the Year awards both in Ireland and the US, Billboard Chart World #1, and Songlines Top of the World Award.|-String-Wizards-|-Episode-One-id5183253-id585877608?country=us

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  4. Full interview: “Godfather of artificial intelligence” talks impact and potential of AI

    Geoffrey Hinton is considered a godfather of artificial intelligence, having championed machine learning decades before it became mainstream. As chatbots like ChatGPT bring his work to widespread attention, we spoke to Hinton about the past, present and future of AI. CBS Saturday Morning's Brook Silva-Braga interviewed him at the Vector Institute in Toronto on March 1, 2023.

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