A Practical Type of Empathy - Indi Young Keynote

From Velocity Santa Clara 2015: The deeper insight derived from developing empathy with the people you support is about the reasoning and guiding principles that run through a person’s mind as he achieves an intent or purpose which is larger than the tools he is using. This deeper insight leads the way to tighter connection and greater detail between an offering and the purposes and intents of the people it is aimed at, whether those people are internal or external to the organization. This deep knowledge also allows organizations to confidently branch away from the competition.

Big data, data visualization, data-driven decisions… organizations hate risk. They love trying to predict your next choice based on what you chose the last time. How many times have you been chased for weeks by ads for shower fixtures because your friend was telling you about her renovation project and she wanted your opinion about finishes? These predictions are based on inferences and assumptions, not on the actual thinking that’s going on. Perhaps only 20% of real-life thinking is represented by the numbers and the predictions.

The only way to find out the other 80% of the story is to take time to listen to people. Explore how each person makes decisions in many similar scenarios — not just the one …

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