Strategies for Teaching HAES® to Fat Phobic Physicians

Presented by: Lesley Williams, MD, CEDS. The medical community is a primary source of weight stigmatization. Multiple studies have proven that the marginalization of people of size leads to poor health outcomes and makes patients less inclined to seek needed medical care. The goal of this oral presentation is to equip HAES practitioners with tools to educate fat phobic medical providers in their community on how to approach patients of varying sizes. Many HAES practitioners avoid conversations with the medical community on this topic due to the strong stance that is taken by physicians re: the ‘War on Obesity’. Medical providers are often conditioned to treat the patient’s BMI, rather than the actual patient. Patients frequently report that they could present to a physician’s office with an acute injury and the only thing the doctor wants to discuss is their BMI. This talk seeks to explore innovative ways to engage medical providers who are resistant to utilizing the HAES approach in their practices.

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