Kimberlé Crenshaw - On Intersectionality - keynote - WOW 2016

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  1. Rahila Gupta on neoliberalism, identity politics and ‘fake feminism’ |

    Rahila Gupta on neoliberalism, identity politics and ‘fake feminism’

    By Meghan Murphy

    | May 21, 2014


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    Artist: Feminist Current

    Title: Rahila Gupta on neoliberalism, identity politics, and fake feminism - rabble

    Year: 2014

    Length: 0:25:04 minutes

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    Show Notes:

    In this episode, Meghan Murphy speaks with Rahila Gupta about some of the most controversial debates happening currently in feminism and how identity politics and choice feminism have impacted feminist politics and discourse.

    Gupta has written for Open Democracy, The Guardian and New Humanist. She has published several books including: From Homebreakers to Jailbreakers: Southall Black Sisters, Provoked, and Enslaved: The New British Slavery, which explores the role of immigration controls in enslaving people with no formal status.



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  2. MN Next: Feminism lives | Minnesota Public Radio News

    What feminism means to millennials, and the battles feminism must still fight.

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  3. Men and feminism: How can men best help feminism? - The Gender Knot

    We kick of season two with a question for men who want to be better allies to women: how can men best help feminism?

    It’s a pivotal moment in history, and so many men want to help out, but what should they do more of and what should they avoid? And wh…

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  4. How Feminism Killed the Space Age

    A brief - possibly too brief - explanation of how feminism has changed the psychology of Western society from a positive, male-driven one to a defeatist, female-driven one.

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  5. RV-06-13 Denise Bergold-Caldwell: (Dis-) Kontinuitäten: “the white mans burden”, Sexual Politics and the new racism – Podcast Kombinat

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  6. Max Harris: Rhodes, racism and the politics of love | Saturday Morning, 8:10 am on 23 April 2016 | Radio New Zealand

    Charlotte Graham interviews the Rhodes Scholar and Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, who has returned here for Aspiring Conversations 2016 in Wanaka, to speak on a panel, The New Zealand Project, which is also the title of his forthcoming book.,-racism-and-the-politics-of-love

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  7. The Issue of the Century

    This video is not meant to disparage the anti-feminist cause. I am anti-feminism myself and have made many videos, and will upload several more, articulating the case. However, feminism has a death sentence. It is much less important than, and will be wiped out by, a much greater issue facing us this century.

    Additionally, I believe that a lot of men are driven to obsess over feminism because it is their way of expressing personal insecurities about women; in that sense their obsession is dishonest as well as pointless. What really brought this home to me was the complete silence among British reactosphere vloggers about the Rotherham scandal, in which they would have learned that 1400 underage white girls were raped by adult Pakistani Muslims. To deem this unworthy of discussion, I believe somebody would have to have a serious personal "issue" with women.

    Whatever one’s motivation, to focus solely on feminism, when there is a much greater threat looming, is to do an injustice to oneself and to the cause of Western civilisation.

    [This channel needs support. If you want to help, please PM me over Youtube.]

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  8. Second Wave Feminism and Neo-liberalism

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  9. CALM DOWN!! Restoring Common Sense to Feminism - Milo Yiannopoulos and Christina Hoff Sommers

    The Minnesota Republic is pleased to host Milo Yiannopoulos and Christina Hoff Sommers as they interview each other about the awful topic of contemporary Feminism.

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  10. Exploring Politics And Religion In ‘Three Daughters Of Eve’ : NPR

    Turkish writer Elif Shafak juggles politics, faith and feminism in her new novel set in Turkey and England. Steve Inskeep speaks with her about her book Three Daughters of Eve.

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