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    Is Business to business marketing different to business to consumer?Suzanne_photo2005

    Is B2B marketing easier?

    The subjectivity of a marketing strategy.

    Is a marketing strategy in B2B best built over the medium term?

    How B2B marketing is about all functions

    The friendship model of marketing

    In these recessionary times what should professional services be doing?

    Outside trust starts with inside honesty.

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  2. LA2M Blogging for Business

    On Wednesday, March 25 in Ann Arbor Michigan at Lunch Ann Arbor Marketing - Ross Johnson of Michigan web design firm 3.7 Designs spoke on Blogging for Business. Listen to the podcast here to learn how Blogging can improve your business. Blogging for Business can be part of your internet marketing strategy or your search engine optimization (seo) plan for your business.


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