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  1. Talking about Disney’s 1964 Carousel of Progress with Bleeding Cool: our lost animatronic future / Boing Boing Back in 2007, I wrote a science fiction novella called "The Great Big Beautiful Tomorrrow," about an immortal, transhuman survivor of an apocalypse whose father is obsessed with preserving artifacts from the fallen civilization, especially the Carousel of Progress, an exhibition that GE commissioned from Disney for the 1964 World’s Fair in New York,…

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  2. Stephen Wolfram recounts the entire history of mathematics in 90 minutes / Boing Boing

    Stephen Wolfram’s podcast features a 90-minute lecture that he delivered at the 2019 Wolfram Summer School (MP3), recapitulating the history of mathematics from prehistory to the present day. This is a fascinating lecture, and it also epitomizes Wolfram in that it is a magnificent feat that would have benefited immensely from editorial reflection. Wolfram announces…

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  3. The Now show on the EU referendum (radio comedy edition) – Boing Boing

    BBC Radio 4’s sketch comedy programme The Now Show has just posted a special podcast focused on Thursday’s EU-UK referendum called The Vote Now Show: EU and Yours (MP3); it’s both hilarious and intensely factual, which is a sadly compatible state of affairs.

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