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  1. Debug 49: John Siracusa, round 2 | iMore

    Debug is a casual, conversational interview show featuring the best developers in the business about the amazing apps they make and why and how they make them. On this episode — Fresh from his review of OS X Yosemite, John Siracusa returns to talk interface, vibrancy, and a whole lot of Swift.

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  2. Four Thought: Tom Armitage: The Coded World

    Designer and technologist Tom Armitage argues that learning to write computer code means learning to think in a modern way, and that it should spur creativity: the possibility of doing entirely new things.

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  3. IA Summit 10 — Richard Saul Wurman Keynote

    With the majority of the earth’s population now living in cities, Richard Saul Wurman realized there was a yawning information gap about the urban super centers that are increasingly driving modern culture.

    In this keynote presentation from the 2010 IA Summit, Mr. Wurman discusses his 19.20.21 initiative: an attempt to standardize a methodology to understand comparative data on 19 cities that will have 20 million or more inhabitants in the 21st century. He encourages the design community to take initiative and solve big problems rather than make small changes incrementally.


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  4. Master Hacker Kevin Mitnick Shares His ‘Addiction’ : NPR

    The "World’s Most Wanted Hacker" broke into scores of big phone and tech companies and evaded the FBI for several years until his arrest. Now Mitnick is out of prison and hacking again, but this time, it’s different.

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  5. Podcast 20 -€” Staying Focused with Eddie Smith

    The Work Awesome podcast welcomes Eddie Smith, the man behind the popular productivity site Practically Efficient. An actuary, a thinker, an efficiency experimenter and a blogger - €”all in one.

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  6. Settling New Caprica: Getting Your Pet Project Off The Ground

    Pet projects: everybody’s got them. But how many of them never see the light of day? In this talk, Tom Armitage looks at some of the obstacles that impede such projects, and how to get over them. The talk also considers some ways to streamline the process of releasing software when you’re your own client, and perhaps might give some ideas to improve not only your personal projects, but your work projects as well.

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  7. Seth Lloyd on Quantum Life

    Big Ideas presents Seth Lloyd of the Massachusetts Institute for Technology on Quantum Life, how organisms have evolved to make use of quantum effects.


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