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  1. Cities Real and Unreal

    A discussion of architecture and fiction with Jeff Vandermeer, Jeffrey Ford, Geoff Manaugh

    —Huffduffed by markhulme

  2. Cities: Real and Unreal a discussion of Architecture and Fiction with Jeff Vandermeer, Jeffrey Ford, Geoff Manaugh

    This is a special edition of If You’re Just Joining Us. I had the pleasure of attending a reading and discussion at a Borders in New York a few weeks ago and recorded the event. This is the discussion part of the program, which was hosted by Ron Hogan. The three members of the discussion panel were: Jeff Vandermeer, Jeffrey Ford, and Geoff Manaugh.

    Jeff Vandermeer, who was recently on IFYJJU, had graciously invited me. His website is

    Jeffrey Ford’s is Geoff Manaugh’s is BLDG BLOG

    The host was Ron Hogan and his site is Beatrice.

    —Huffduffed by markhulme