Return Of By The Numbers #110

00:00 Intro 1:00 Coronavirus start 4:36 Impact of COVID on esports(Thorin) 5:56 Closing of Lanxess Arena 8:35 Impact on esports (Richard) 13:04 Viral Corona-virus clip 15:55 InfoWars with Richard Lewis and Duncan Thorin Shields 16:10 Sponsor shoutout 17:04 Appeal to Youtube to show Rivalry Sponsorship + Transition to 1st cs topic (Youtube against gambling sponsorship sites and demonitization) 21:24 Death of Frag Movies and impact on created content 22:08 Value of Youtube content creation 25:09 Purging of all CSGO related VODs from Youtube’s platform 28:04 1st Discussion Topic, DreamHack Anaheim 28:56 Ence’s performance recap, groupstage results (Richard) 31:41 Positives/Negatives of attending a DH Open event (Thorin) 33:57 Ence prior results vs other lesser ranked teams 36:19 Thorin esports anecdote 38:41 Ence prospects for future events and potential roster changes 42:43 MIBR @ DH Anaheim 49:16 MIBR potentially going International lineup (Thorin) 51:21 Side-tangent onto Flashpoint 51:33 Thorin is the Jesus of Esports :D 52:06 Clarification on teams and participation for Flashpoint 56:39 Thorin’s take on how Flashpoint has been handled Logistically overall 1:02:39 Complexity’s performance @ DH Anaheim 1:09:17 Rush’s addition to complexity and his role and impact 1:11:56 Furia’s run to the Final 1:16:00 Gen.G’s run …

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