Craig Dorfman Author of Brighter Day: A Jellyfish Story Interview

For reprint info on Brighter Day, please visit: Official Brighter Day FB Page: Brighter Day is available at Kool Kat Musik

12:40 The hardest part about writing this book 16:10 The moment being starstruck hit 24:40 Craig's other books 26:30 Craig's book in outer space 29:00 What Craig is listening to-where he finds music 31:00 Why Craig doesn't blog about music 34:35 What was Craig looking for while writing Brighter Day 39:10 Launch not Lunch Party July 2016 41:40 Did Craig ever feel overwhelmed from his book? 44:30 #1 takeaway for Craig was… 46:30 Favorite Jellyfish Album and WHY (fan question) 50:10 Does Craig blast music in his car (fan question) 53:10 Craig share's his fave song highlights (fan question) 56:30 How to purchase Brighter Day 58:10 Craig talks about the cover & design of Brighter Day 100:00 signed copies avalable? 1:01:01 Logo T-shirts and shower curtains? 1:02:00 First run promo items 102:22 Where/How to purchase 1:03:30 What feeds Craig's so…

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