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  1. Stan Lee: The Myth and the Man | Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Jeet Heer [Culturally Determined]

    0:59 Jeet narrates the largely forgotten prehistory of Marvel Comics 17:52 Does Stan Lee or Jack Kirby deserve more credit for creating the Marvel Universe? 28:36 Lee’s real skills: editing, branding, and marketing 34:06 The link between Spider-Man and Ayn Rand 40:22 Lee’s foresight in working to make Marvel movies 49:20 How Judaism influenced Lee and Kirby 53:36 Is it crazy to rank Lee/Kirby alongside Shakespeare?

    Aryeh Cohen-Wade (Joking on the Square, @AryehCW) and Jeet Heer (The New Republic, @HeerJeet)

    Recorded November 15, 2018

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