Transforming Evil into Everyday Heroism with Philip Zimbardo

Everyone is capable of performing acts of evil or heroism, and Philip Zimbardo understands that better than most. Watch as he traces his journey leading up to and through the Stanford Prison Experiment and into his new mission of training people around the world to be heroes who stand up, speak out and take action.

Philip Zimbardo, professor of psychology, emeritus Creator of The Stanford Prison Experiment, Professor Zimbardo has spent over 50 years teaching and studying psychology. He currently speaks worldwide and actively works to promote his non-profit, The Heroic Imagination Project. Professor Zimbardo has written over 60 books and has over 600 publications; his current research looks at the psychology of heroism. He asks: “What pushes some people to become perpetrators of evil, while others act heroically on behalf of those in need?” Prior to his heroism work, he served as President of the American Psychological Association and designed and narrated the award winning 26-part PBS series, Discovering Psychology. Professor Zimbardo has published more than 50 books and 400 professional and popular articles and chapters, among them, Shyness, The Lucifer Effect, The Time Cure, The Time Paradox, and most recently, Man, Interrupted.

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