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  1. Inkstuds on the Road – Part 12 Rob Liefeld | Inkstuds Radio

    Our LA journey brought us to the home of one of the most Memorable characters in comics. There’s not much for me to say about Rob Liefeld that you probably don’t already know. He was an artist at Marvel for his early career, creating characters such as Cable and Deadpool and the poly-bagged X-Force #1. Left Marvel to cofound Image Comics. Created Youngblood and a whole bunch more there, including Prophet(which Brandon and roadtrip buddy, Simon Roy, are both current creators on).

    Rob was a very welcoming host, chatting with us for several hours about the highs and lows of comics. It was probably the most energetic part of the LA roadtrip, thanks to Rob’s infectious loves of pictures and words on paper.

    This episode is brought to you by the fine folks at LifeSpan Society.


    Rob Liefeld [ 2:19:57 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download


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  2. Inkstuds on the Road – Part 10 Jaime Hernandez | Inkstuds Radio

    One of the things on the trip that stuck out for me and Brandon, was almost everyone shared a key influence on the work they made. Jaime Hernandez has had an immeasurable influence on comics creators. His work in Love and Rockets continues to make waves for it’s depth in characters and storytelling. His latest collection, Love Bunglers has received an immense amount of critical praise, all very much deserved.

    This is my third time talking to Jaime, and also probably my favorite interview I have done with him. This was also Brandon’s first time meeting Jaime, and he was very very excited. I don’t know if it shows in the interview, but we were very happy to have this opportunity. Thanks Jaime for coming to downtown LA and spending the afternoon with us.

    This episode is brought to you by the fine folks at Robots From Tomorrow.

    Jaime Hernandez [ 1:10:45 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download


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  3. Vince Colletta: The Inker Who Ruined Jack Kirby’s Art

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    Vince Colletta was an inker who worked on many comics for one of the most popular artists in comics ever, Jack Kirby. He worked with him on Thor, Fantastic Four, the New Gods and more. Colletta was well liked but was notorious for taking shortcuts in his work, including erasing work so he had less to do. This episode looks at Colletta's history, techniques, and makes comparisons with other inkers.

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  4. The Style of Jack Kirby | Strip Panel Naked

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    What do we mean when we talk about an artist's style? How do you define that? What does it encompass? And how do you explain that in a way so that it applies to all comic book artists?! Big questions this time on Strip Panel Naked. So I took a look at Jack Kirby, and what came to define his style by the 70s, looking at some Captain America and The Eternals. In that, I try to dissect what changed in Kirby's style over the decades, and what stayed the same, and somewhere in there understand what that tells us about the idea of a 'style'.

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  5. Jason Falkner - Both Sides Now (w/ lyrics)

    Jason Falkner puts a power pop spin on Joni Mitchell's classic. This is the version from the "Follow Me" single, and is different from the version on the album, "Everyone Says It's On." Note the "yeee-ahh" at the beginning and the slightly different arrangement.

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  6. How to CANCEL Subscriptions on iOS, Mac, and Apple TV

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    Apple News Premium is coming. Apple Video is coming. Maybe Apple Gaming as well. And that’s just the Apple stuff. Netflix. Amazon Prime. Hulu. Crave. Spotify. Adobe Creative Cloud. And more and more services and apps every day.

    It can be a lot. Especially to pay for. And the only way to stop yourself from paying a lot it to aggressively end anything you no longer find value in paying for.

    Here's how to review and cancel all the subscriptions you no longer want or need on iPhone, iPad, iTunes for Mac or Windows, and Apple TV.



    Step by step instructions:


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  7. Stan Lee: The Myth and the Man | Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Jeet Heer [Culturally Determined]

    0:59 Jeet narrates the largely forgotten prehistory of Marvel Comics 17:52 Does Stan Lee or Jack Kirby deserve more credit for creating the Marvel Universe? 28:36 Lee’s real skills: editing, branding, and marketing 34:06 The link between Spider-Man and Ayn Rand 40:22 Lee’s foresight in working to make Marvel movies 49:20 How Judaism influenced Lee and Kirby 53:36 Is it crazy to rank Lee/Kirby alongside Shakespeare?

    Aryeh Cohen-Wade (Joking on the Square, @AryehCW) and Jeet Heer (The New Republic, @HeerJeet)

    Recorded November 15, 2018

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