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  1. Gene Koo & Scott Seider on Video Games and Pro-Social Learning

    Do video games cause aggressive tendencies and other negative behaviors? How can games create positive impacts on players and society? Could really be considered “the most influential ‘video game’” in recent history? Gene Koo of the Berkman Center and Scott Seider of Boston University tackle a few of these fascinating questions.

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  2. Open Source - Sir Ken Robinson & John Maeda: Creativity for Breakfast

    Both men are titans of the TED conference style of presenting “ideas worth spreading” to the Web. John Maeda emerged at TED two winters ago talking about The Laws of Simplicity, while inside he was reeling toward his own future, head still spinning from Ken Robinson’s TED talk a year earlier on education as a standardized way of crushing invention. Maeda, a star at MIT’s Media Lab, still in his thirties, heard a call from the heavens to “change my life.” And so he did, moving from MIT and the engineering of technology to the presidency of the Rhode Island School of Design and the teaching of art and innovation. After a RISD year that he’s been blogging at every turn, Maeda’s invitation to Robinson to give the commencement address felt like a personal thank-you and maybe an appeal for confirmation. Early on RISD’s graduation day, we had a three-way gab at the Hope Club in Providence about expressiveness and originality, in art and life, across the board.

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  3. Blackboards or Backchannels: The Techno-Induced Classroom of Tomorrow

    The traditional classroom: obsolete? Chalkboards, lectures, and even teachers may be on their way out as social technology enters the classroom. How do kids want technology integrated into the curriculum? Or do they even want it? Five students speak out to debate the potential for Wikis, backchannels, and social tech, and dispute tomorrow’s r/evolution in teaching and learning.

    Alex Leavitt Boston University

    Kelly Sutton Founder, HackCollege

    Kabren Levinson Philosopher, Technologist, Artist, Bard College

    Archana Ramachandran Campus Ambassador, Radar/Tiny Pictures/UT Austin

    Diana Kimball The Digital Natives Project, Harvard College

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  4. Edupunk: Open Source Education

    DIY teachers around the world are using open source course management systems, open access textbooks, and other open source tools to buck the chains and limitations of corporate education software. This panel of edupunks will rock the show by discussing the movement, its challenges, and its future.

    Dave Lester, Center for History & New Media

    Jim Groom, University of Mary Washington

    Gardner Campbell, Baylor University

    Stephen Downes, National Research Council Canada

    Barbara Ganley, Digital Explorations

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  5. Neil Postman – Technology & Education

    Neil Postman’s lecture on “Technology and Education” that was given on April 8, 1994.

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  6. Why do children go to school?

    Jenni Lloyd asks why it actually is that children go to school.

    Recorded in Brighton at Skillswap on Speed on Wednesday 29th October 2009.

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  7. Sound of Snow and Ice

    The Jyväskylä School for the Visually Impaired in Finland has one important aim: discouraging blind children from relying on high tech and expensive navigational aids. Find out how they help.

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  8. The New Hacker Generation

    Back in the days of yore, those of us of a certain (golden) age started our lives in computers with an ancient beige box which typically came pre-installed with BASIC. The old-school programming orientated environment gave many of us our first taste of programming, logic and an interest in our binary guzzling circuit-laden friends. Jono Bacon and Stuart ‘Aq’ Langridge explore this golden age of computing and how it arguably produced a generation of hackers and whether we should and could try and do the same with modern computers.


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  9. ExplicitWeb - Episode 3 - Degrees, Jobs, and Workspaces

    On this week’s show Rob discusses the pros and cons of web-related higher education, Hannah hashes out top tips for getting the top jobs inspired by a comment in .Net mag, and John goes solo with his highs and lows of the home office.

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  10. Tank Riot Episode 90: Mother Teresa

    Mother Teresa! In this episode the Tank Team dares to irreverently discuss the revered. Who is Agnese Gonxhe Bojaxhiu and why is she being fast-tracked to sainthood in the Catholic Church? Also, Sputnik goes to Wonderland, Capitalism: A Badly-Narrated Movie, PETA, Health Care debacle updates, a trip to the Mailbag, a contest and more!

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