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  1. I write everything in Markdown - Brett Terpstra - thoughtbot Learn

    Workshops, screencasts, videos, and books to help you learn web design and development.

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  2. ExplicitWeb - Episode 3 - Degrees, Jobs, and Workspaces

    On this week’s show Rob discusses the pros and cons of web-related higher education, Hannah hashes out top tips for getting the top jobs inspired by a comment in .Net mag, and John goes solo with his highs and lows of the home office.

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  3. Web Weekly – Episode 9

    In this weeks episode Kevin and Jonas talk about RESTfest, IE9 beta, Bing, Snoopy, Cassis Project, HTML5 form, CSS3 border images, Lettering.js, and the new Twitter.

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  4. Web Directions @media: Jeremy Keith — Hot Topics

    Continuing a popular @media tradition, the final session for day one, hosted by Jeremy Keith, will feature a handful of speakers discussing questions posed by conference attendees. Wear your flak jacket: there will be controversy!


    • John Allsopp
    • Hannah Donovan
    • Simon Willison
    • Christian Crumlish

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