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  1. 22 - Pulp Fixing

    Human history comes with a long paper trail, and Graphic Conservation Company’s mission is to preserve and restore that record. The 95-year-old lab specializes in repairing works on paper, which range from priceless historical artifacts and artwork to personal items like someone’s old letter to Santa Claus. After nearly a century of smoothing wrinkles, patching holes and removing acid burns, there are few problems—on paper, anyway—that Graphic Conservation’s staff can’t fix.


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  2. Untitled Minimalism

    #42 - A Collection Of Meaningful Memories [ 46:15 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

    Joslyn is a crafter. And like many crafters, she finds inspiration in common things, repurposing, and turning what many people would call “trash” into treasure.

    Unlike many crafters, however, she’s also a budding minimalist.

    These two things can be a challenge to reconcile, so I sat down with her to discuss her minimalist journey, her challenges, her successes, and how she uses her built-in desire to repurpose, upcycle, and create aesthetic enjoyment to enhance her minimalism and create meaningful memories.

    If you’re the “crafty” sort, this episode is right up your alley!

    Be sure to check out Joslyn’s blog at The DIY Spot

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  3. Episode 91: “The Floater in the Pool”

    We welcome Glenn Fleishman back on the show to get his take on the state of security today, including multi-factor authentication, Apple Pay, and Windows 10.LinksGlenn on Twitter (beware!!)Windows 10 uses your bandwidth to help strangers download updatesWindows 10 privacy guideWi-Fi SenseWindows 10 PrivacyApple Pay to the RescuePicks of the WeekKirk: TurnGlenn: SoulverRob: GPSBabelIan: Sketch for Mac


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  4. iMore show 469: Watches, Music, and… a Bruins hat?! | iMore

    The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple! On this episode—We talk Apple Watch three months later and Apple Music one month later. How are they working for us now, and have any of our opinions changed? Serenity Caldwell, Peter Cohen, Rene Ritchie, and special guest Jim Dalrymple.

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  5. Episode 89: “A Fire Hydrant in Detroit”

    We welcome back Jim Dalrymple to talk about Apple’s financial results and his well-documented disgust with Apple Music.Note: We had some Skype issues affecting the sound quality of today’s show, but Jim was so good, we decided to release anyway!LinksApple reports record third quarter resultsWhat Tim said about Apple Watch salesApple disables App Store reviews from devices running iOS 9Apple Music is a nightmare and I’m done with itPicks of the WeekJim: Neil Young’s Live at Massey HallKirk: Olympus OM-D E-M10 cameraRob: Pro Feel GolfIan: Ten One Design Mountie


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  6. 143: Love Actuarilly with Eddie Smith

    An episode about brainstorming and notetaking? It seems like it was meant

    to be. Eddie Smith shares how mind mapping and other tools work into his

    daily life, at work, and at play.

    Brought to you by

    • App Camp For Girls 3.0: Their IndieGoGo campaign ends at 11:59pm July

    1st 2015. Help them meet their funding goal to help build a better

    foundation for women in tech.


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