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  1. 5by5 | Systematic #91: Ad Hilaritatem with Brother Gabriel Mosher

    Brother Gabriel Mosher comes by to talk about technology in the life of a Dominican Friar.

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  2. 5by5 | Systematic #79: Marco Arment - Indie Life

    Marco Arment swings by Systematic to help Brett get started on his new life as an independent developer.

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  3. 5by5 | Systematic #18: Mud, sweat and productivity with Chris Blanchard

    Chris Blanchard of Flying Rutabaga Works joins Brett to discuss productivity concepts applied to organic farming.

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  4. 5by5 | Amplified #81: A Metric Thanksgiving

    Jim and Dan talk about Thanksgiving Day rules, Black Friday, the value of AppleCare, how Jim keeps on top of the news, Samsung leaving Android, discounted phones, PrimeSense 3D, remote controls, Photo Stream, Jim’s robot tuning system, and more.

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  5. 5by5 | Mac Power Users #132: Merlin Revisited

    Returning for his annual appearance, Merlin Mann joins Katie and David to talk Evernote, GTD, iPad, Podcasting and his favorite Apps.

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  6. 5by5 | Systematic #6: Merlin Talks A Lot

    Merlin Mann shows up to talk about minimalism, productivity and having too many domain names.

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