#214: Libscore, Velocity.js, and Hacking with Julian Shapiro - Changelog

This week we talked with startup founder and developer Julian Shapiro about his story of entrepreneurship, open source, growth hacking, and more. Julian’s story is a story you don’t want to miss — plus he shares actionable advice on growing and marketing an open source project.

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Show notes and links

[Guest Suggestion] Julian Shapiro / VelocityJS

Julian Shapiro on Twitter

Julian Shapiro on GitHub




Velocity.js on GitHub

How to deal with startup competition

Web Animation Using JavaScript by Julian Shapiro

Introducing Libscore


Libscore on GitHub

Stripe Open-Source Retreat

Thomas Davis on Twitter

#63: CDNJS with Thomas Davis and Ryan Kirkman

Jason Chen on Twitter

Jesse Chase on Twitter

Searching for Sugar Man (Movie recommendation from Julian)

Man on Wire (Movie recommendation from Julian)

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