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  1. The Id, The Ego And The Superhero: What Makes Batman Tick? : Monkey See : NPR

    Sure, Bruce Wayne is a secretive guy, but from a psychological perspective, is anything really wrong with him? A psychologist considers this question.

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  2. To The Best of Our Knowledge: Philip K. Dick

    Nobody blurred the line between his life and his literature more than the legendary science-fiction author, Philip K. Dick. And that’s only fitting since one of the major themes of his fiction is, “What is reality?” This week we take a look at the life and work of the man who’s been described as “one of the most valiant psychological explorers of the twentieth century,” as we commemorate the 30th anniversary of his death.

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  3. Aleks Krotoski: serendipity and the internet

    Aleks Krotoski examines the role of serendipity as an online commodity and questions whether the internet is as innovative as we think.

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