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  1. So a Monkey and a Horse Walk Into a Bar | This American Life

    Blurring the line between animal and human.


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  2. Digital Dark Age – On The Media

    On this week’s episode of On the Media, we’re engaging in some chillingly informed speculation: what would happen if we, as a species, lost access to our electronic records? What if, either by the slow creep of technological obsolescence or sudden cosmic disaster, we no longer could draw from the well of of knowledge accrued through the ages? What if we fell into…a digital dark age?


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  3. Is The On-Demand Economy Isolating? | Wisconsin Public Radio

    Around the country, people are using on-demand services in place of going to brick-and-mortar businesses. Joy Cardin speaks to a guest who says that on-demand services are increasingly isolating and are creating shut-ins of some customers. 


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  4. Digital librarian and Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle on Radio New Zealand

    Brewster Kahle is an American computer engineer, Internet entrepreneur, internet activist, advocate of universal access to all knowledge, and digital librarian. He is the founder of the Internet Archive, a non-profit digital library that provides free public access to collections of digitised materials, including websites, music, moving images, and nearly three million public-domain books.


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  5. Neighbors | This American Life

    Stories of people trying to love their neighbors…and failing.


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  6. How I Got Into College | This American Life

    Students all over are starting college this month, and some of them still have a nagging question: what, exactly, got me in? An admissions officer tells us the most wrongheaded things applicants try. And Michael Lewis has the incredible story of how a stolen library book got one man — Emir Kamenica — into his dream school.


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  7. Contents Unknown | This American Life

    Stories of filling in the blank. A man finds himself in a train station in India, with no idea how he got there or who he is. His memory gone, he has no choice but to let other people—police, doctors, friends, family—create an identity for him.


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  8. Loopholes | This American Life

    Only the clever need apply. This week, stories of people acting on a technicality in the face of some of life’s toughest regulators: financial regulators, parents and God.


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  9. Robert W. McChesney on American Journalism

    Interviews on media and democracy with media scholar Robert W. McChesney


    One of my favourite and compelling talks.

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  10. Roger Ebert Interview - Overlooked Film Festival

    Interviews on media and democracy with media scholar Robert W. McChesney


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