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  1. Enchanting By Numbers (2015 version) | Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything

    We take another look at algorithms. Tim Hwang explains how Uber’s algorithms generate phantom cars and marketplace mirages. And we revisit our conversation with Christian Sandvig who, last year asked Facebook users to explain how they imagine the Edgerank algorithm works (this is the algorithm that powers Facebook’s news feed). Sandvig discovered that most of his subjects had no idea there even was an algorithm at work. Plus  James Essinger and Suw Charman-Anderson, tell us about Ada Lovelace, the woman who wrote the first computer program (or as James puts it – Algorithm)  in 1843.


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  2. BBC Radio - Ouch: Disability Talk, Facebook salad

    Meet Matt King. He’s an enngineer who works at Facebook HQ in California. He’s one of the people on a team who works towards making the big social network accessible. (a transcript of this podcast will appear on this page soon)

    King explains the recent AI innovation on Facebook which describes photos to blind people. He talks about future aspirations and tells us what you can get to eat on Facebook campus, for free, at lunchtime. His favourite is a huge big salad, hence the title of this podcast.


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  3. Is the Internet Being Ruined? - Freakonomics Radio - WNYC

    It’s a remarkable ecosystem that allows each of us to exercise control over our lives. But how much control do we truly have? How many of our decisions are really being made by Google and Facebook and Apple? And, perhaps most importantly: is the Internet’s true potential being squandered?


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  4. Gimlet Media | » #29 The Takeover

    Thomas Oscar is an Australian teenager who tried to make the most boring Facebook group possible – a group where members pretend to be corporate drones in a non-existent office.


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  5. episode #439 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast

    Welcome to episode #439 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast. How do you make change? How do you take the time to think about what’s next? What you’re going to do? How you’re going to do…


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  6. Many Younger Facebook Users ‘Unfriend’ The Network : NPR

    Some younger users of Facebook say that using the site often leaves them feeling sad, lonely and inadequate. A new trend is emerging among these most intense of digital users: Many in their teens and 20s are leaving the social network altogether.


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  7. How Much Is A ‘Like’ On Facebook Worth For A Company’s Share Price? : All Tech Considered : NPR

    Companies that provide financial data are increasingly interested in our "likes" and tweets. A Ph.D. student recently studied how positive social media mentions are linked to stock market performance, and came up with some interesting results.


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  8. Social Media Advice: When To Wish Happy Birthday? : NPR

    Social media experts Baratunde Thurston and Deanna Zandt answer questions about how to behave in the digital age. This week’s topic: When a person has hundreds, perhaps even thousands of friends on Facebook, what’s the rule for wishing them a happy birthday?


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  9. Pizza Delicious Bought An Ad On Facebook. How’d They Do? : Planet Money : NPR

    What happened when two guys who sell pizza out of a window in New Orleans decided to buy a Facebook ad —€” and what it says about the state of social-media advertising.


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  10. For $75, This Guy Will Sell You 1,000 Facebook ‘Likes’ : Planet Money : NPR

    People are gaming Facebook’s system. That could hurt the company’s business prospects.


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