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  1. When Am I Dead?

    1. Soul Has Weight, Physician Thinks: Biologist Lee Silver tells us the story of a physician’s ambitious 1907 experiment to discover the weight of the soul. 2. Metamorphosis: One possibility of the afterlife from David Eagleman, read by actor Jeffrey Tambor. 3. When Am I Dead?: Is life over when your heart stops beating? When you take your last breath? When your brain fizzles out? Author and researcher Gary Greenberg and John Troyer explore these questions. 4. Anyone for Tennis?: We ask neuroscientist Adrian Owen, can the dead play tennis?


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  2. How to achieve any goal faster than you thought possible: With Noah Kagan and Ramit Sethi

    Goal setting is something most people know has to be done, but very few actually follow through. In this preview for Ramit's Brain Trust program, Ramit Sethi and Noah Kagan discuss the importance of setting goals and how to focus so you can finally follow through with them. For the entire interview, visit

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  3. 79: TZ Interview – Patrick McKenzie / The Long Tail of Optimization

    Justin and Jason interview Patrick McKenzie, founder and developer of Bingo Card Creator, about how he grew a hacked together software project into a successful SaaS business through the expert application of website metrics and optimization.

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