Fortune Favors the Bold with Nick Lowary

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This episode of The Family Alpha Podcast is titled "Fortune Favors the Bold" and features Nick Lowary.

Nick is the co-founder of Ground Shark Coffee, the official coffee of The Family Alpha. It was only through his boldness that we even became aware of his brand and had the opportunity for those steamy dark roasted notes to grace our taste buds.

Nick lives by the mantra, "Wake up like you mean it." This goes beyond simply having a quality coffee to sip in the morning. It’s a commitment to making certain he’s seizing the day and giving the limited time he has on this earth the passion and energy it deserves.

Show Highlights

  • The deep state of data gathering and location tracking by the big tech companies

  • How boldness and irrational confidence gives a man favor with others

  • Why whole bean coffee is the only coffee you should buy

  • The curse of extremely talented introverts

  • Why deciding on a business to start doesn’t have to be so serious

  • The misconceptions held by the armchair entrepreneurs of the world

  • Why actio…

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