10 Life Lessons for Living Out Your Masculinity

Today I turn 37, and with every successive birthday I take the opportunity to reflect on the past year of my life.

Today’s podcast covers the result of today’s reflections, as I share the ten hardest hitting life lessons I either learned or was vividly reminded of over the last year.

Show Highlights

  • Your Net Worth is Dependent Upon Your Network (And Your Net Work)

  • Haters Up Their Game as You Up Yours

  • Ed Latimore Was Right

  • If You Have a Receding Hairline, Shave Your Head

  • 24-Hour Fasts Are Great…They Also Suck

  • Do Hard Things and Things That Scare You

  • Your Kids Need Clear, Enforced Boundaries

  • The Game Never Ends

  • Death is Coming

  • Authenticity is Everything

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