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  1. Download Bluepillprofessor - Female Arousal | Podbean



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  2. Download Bluepillprofessor - Female Shit Tests | Podbean



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  3. Download Bluepillprofessor - Bluepill Professor’s First MRP Podcast: Out of the Matrix | Podbean

    Bluepill Professor’s First MRP Podcast: Out of the Matrix



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  4. KunstlerCast 296 - The College Loan Crisis with Richard Fossey - Kunstler



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  5. Six: Powerlifting

    Welcome back to the Awlcast! This is our POWERLIFTING EPISODE. We’re joined by Jason Oberholtzer and his audio wizarding skills, and our guest is Casey Johnston, a writer and editor at The Wirecutter (which is now owned by the New York Times). She writes a bi-weekly advice column for The Hairpin about lifting weights, called "Ask A Swole Woman."

    What exactly is powerlifting, why should we do it, and why has there been such a stigma against it, at least for women? Many people are afraid it will bulk them up, but it turns out weightlifting, is a pretty effective way of slimming down and losing fat. It also has the potential to help you think differently about what and how much you eat.

    You can follow @swolewoman on Instagram and Facebook, and you can read more of Casey’s columns here:

    Thanks to John Dziuban for the theme music, and to Jason and the team at his production company, Charts & Leisure:

    Thanks, of course, to our sponsor, HelloFresh, which if offering a SPECIAL DISCOUNT to Awl Podcast listeners: $35 off your first week of deliveries. Just visit and use the promo code AWLCAST.

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  6. Aaron McHugh of Work, Life, Play on the 2CentDad Podcast

    Aaron runs a blog/podcast called Work Life Play, having spent a career in sales and marketing he talks about his 22 years of marriage and the keys to success.

    On a recent business trip to Spain he spent time with the family of a co-worker and got a fresh dose of perspective on how he was living his life. Having spent a season “living on fumes” he returned from the trip and immediately began a life reboot. He shares the story of this and his philosophy on life and weaving work together with life and play to create a life that is intentional.

    A very transparent conversation from a guy that has gone through the trenches and seen maybe life changes. Aaron shares honest feedback and insights that come from first hand experience and have shaped his life, great insight of those of us earlier on in the journey.

    Aaron’s Last Word of advice The point is to be with your children, everything else is not even on the list.

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  7. Allan Branch of LessAccounting on the 2CentDad Podcast

    Kicking off the first episode of the 2centdad podcast I talk with my friend Allan Branch about his experiences raising his two children while running a software company in Florida. His desires to invest in his kids

    We cover topics of homeschooling, keeping up with the Joneses, and his desires to travel the world on a boat with his family while teaching his kids how to be curious. Allan has a unique perspective on how curiosity is the key to education and lifetime learning while weaving that into everything that he does with his children. He has an 8 year old and a 6 year old.

    Some notable mentions in the show Party Lines -
    Full Time RVing family -
    Full Time Sailing family - Derek Sivers - AJ Leon - Seth Godin - Give Camp Grand Rapids MI -

    How Allan brings home the bacon

    Huge Takeaway Learning comes down to being curious and using any opportunity you can to teach your kids.

    Allan’s last word: Kids will send you to the hi…

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  8. Michael Boyink of Ditching Suburbia on the 2CentDad Podcast

    Michael found himself being laid off in the wake of 9/11 and started his own business and started to homeschool his children. He then began to realize that his house was the biggest thing that was holding his family back. That was when they bought an RV and went for a 1 year trip that turned into a 5 year journey (so far…)

    He shares a unique look into what it is like to be part of the community of families living full time on the road from an RV. His desire is to build communities of families that are purposely living life based on their values and not living according to “formulas”. The philosophy that has driven his path has been intentionality in what he does with his family and not being envious of the path not taken.

    Some Notable Things Mike’s Tribe of unique families Workbench moment - Live intentionally to avoid ending up somewhere

    Home Mike brings home the bacon Boyink Interactive Train-EE

    Mike’s Last Word of advice Ask yourself, does the life you are building really align with what you want to do?

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  9. Marc Hemeon

    Legendary designer Marc Hemeon joins us and offers a very honest and personal look into his experience of attempting to balance startups and family. Marc has been in the startup/tech game since the 90’s including stints at YouTube, Google’s self driving car project, and most recently founding Design Inc. As a father of 3 and having a marriage of 17 years, he’s seen the ups and downs and offers some very very practical advice. It was refreshing to hear him speak so bluntly on the work that it takes to guard your family and your marriage while doing work you care about.

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  10. David Heinemeier Hansson

    David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) joins the podcast. For many people, DHH needs no introduction…but just in case, here is a little background on how David keeps himself busy (apart from fatherhood):

    -Invented Ruby on Rails (which powers Twitter, Groupon, AirBnB, and Basecamp among others). -Founder and CTO at Basecamp -LeMans driver -Best selling author

    As expected, David brings his energy and passion to the conversation about parenting—a talk which is both opinionated and thought provoking. He shares many of his views, from the “screen time” of his 4-year-old, to which practices promote intrinsic motivation, and why classic reward cycles are completely bogus.

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