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  1. Podcast 100: Luthier T. Drew Heinonen / OM Guitar Build, Part One | The Fretboard Journal: Keepsake magazine for guitar collectors

    We celebrate our 100th podcast episode by ordering a custom acoustic guitar! On this episode, we talk to luthier T. Drew Heinonen, who got his start working for Bourgeois Guitars and acclaimed guitarmaker James Olson. Heinonen is now building guitars under his own name and will be making an OM style guitar for us over the next several months.

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  2. 5by5 | Amplified #147: TV, TV, TV

    Jim and Dan talk about Dan’s newfound Apple love, the iPhone 6s, Watch OS 2, apps as the future of TV (and the fundamentally changing way we view TV as a medium), the iPad Pro, the Pencil, and ad blocking from the standpoint of an independent content crea

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