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  1. HandmadeCon 2016 - Anatomy and Health for Programmers

    Emily Scherb ( of Pure Motion Physical Therapy ( discusses the biomechanics behind common injuries related to sustained computer use.

    From the fifth session of HandmadeCon 2016. See for details.

    Mike Fecadu ( - Editing Neil Blakey-Milner ( - Recording Mikkel Hjortshøj ( - Recording William Bundy ( - Streaming Zakary Strange ( - Streaming Anna Rettberg ( - Artwork Casey Muratori ( - Interviewer

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  2. React Native EU 2017 - Q&A Session

    React Native EU Q&A session with Tal Kol (Wix), Eric Vicenti (Facebook), Andre Staltz and Ville Immonen (Reindex).

    This session was held at React Native EU 2017, September 6-7, Wroclaw, Poland.

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  3. AfterParty 26, feat cmuratori

    Audio only download link: Music: Tea for Two by Charles Mingus; https://itunes.ap

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  4. Top Four #32: Fall-tivities 🌰🍂 - Relay FM

    Our favorite autumnal activities!

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  5. Software Engineering Daily App with Keith and Craig Holliday | Software Engineering Daily Play in new window | Download

    You have probably missed some of the best episodes of Software Engineering Daily. If you listen to just a few episodes a week, it can be difficult to identify the high quality shows. And if you are new to the podcast, you have no idea how to find episodes that might appeal to you.

    Software Engineering Daily has a discovery problem.

    We have 600 episodes, and much of the content is evergreen. The shows we did a year ago on Apache Spark, or Ethereum, or ReactJS are still relevant today, and they get plenty of listens.

    Keith and Craig Holliday built a recommendation system for Software Engineering Daily. Then they built a Software Engineering Daily iOS app to improve the experience of SE Daily listeners. You can use the SE Daily app to find the most popular episodes of this podcast, and to find episode recommendations based on what you have listened to.

    In this episode, Keith and Craig join the show to explain why they built an app for Software Engineering Daily. You can find all the code for the SE Daily app at in case you want to fork it for your own podcast–or if you want to contribute to it.

    Question of the Week: What is your favorite continuous delivery or continuous integration tool? Email and a winner will be chosen at random to receive a Software Engineering Daily hoodie. 


    Cloudflare runs 10% of the Internet, providing performance and security to millions of websites. Many of you probably already use Cloudflare on your sites. We’re not talking about using Cloudflare today though, we’re here to talk about building on top of it. If you’re a developer you can build apps which can be installed by the the millions of sites which rely on Cloudflare. You can even sell your apps; they can make you money every month. Visit to watch how you can build and deploy an app in less than 3 minutes.

    Flip the traditional job search and let Indeed Prime work for you while you’re busy with other engineering work, or coding your side project. Upload your resume and in one click, gain immediate exposure to companies like Facebook, Uber, and Dropbox. Interested employers will reach out to you within one week with salary, position, and equity up front. Don’t let applying for jobs become a full-time job. With Indeed Prime, jobs come to you. The average software developer gets 5 employer contacts and an average salary offer of $125,000. Indeed Prime is 100% free for candidates – no strings attached. Sign up now at

    Thanks to Symphono for sponsoring Software Engineering Daily. Symphono is a custom engineering shop where senior engineers tackle big tech challenges while learning from each other. Check it out at Thanks to Symphono for being a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily for almost a year now. Your continued support allows us to deliver content to the listeners on a regular basis.

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  6. The Incomparable | Grandpa and His Musical Friends (Episode 371)

    Our survey of Miyazaki movies crosses over with Anime Club in this episode, where we discuss Studio Ghibli’s 1995 film “Whisper of the Heart.” Written by Miyazaki but directed by Yoshifumi Kondô, it’s a coming-of-age story with some resonance with “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” except there’s no magic and the cat doesn’t talk. But it’s still one magical cat.

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  7. FB #225 - Jesse Thomas - TriSpecific

    Today I get to have a candid conversation with pro athlete, entrepreneur, Picky Bar founder, husband, and dad, Jesse Thomas. We deep dive into ‘fitting it all in’ while aiming to play well above the line on all those things. It’s a tough ask but Jesse puts it all in a refreshing view.


    Kona 2017 prep with a second rad little human on the way (due, two days post race).

    On meeting and not meeting expectations

    Differentiating training to release the stress of life versus training for performance

    RedBull and the BIG Picture Philosophy

    3 reasons why Picky Bars has had the success and growth that it’s had

    Pushing through the dark times

    The art of saying NO

    How to switch off

    Environments of success

    The balance of IM training and being a dad

    Jesse’s outlook on life

    How he fits it all in

    What drives him

    The best and worst investments his made

    The single most important piece of advice he ever received

    The aviators

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    Picky Bars



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  8. The Manifest Episode 2: CocoaPods with Orta Therox

    Wherein we discuss CocoaPods, a package manager for macOS/iOS development, with lead maintainer Orta Therox. We discuss how he got started contributing to Cocoapods, the arrival of Swift Package Manager and Orta’s latest project, Danger.

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  9. The Dalrymple Report: Episode 48: With guest Jason Snell

    Jason Snell joins me this week to discuss the Apple event scheduled for September 12 and what could be released.  Brought to you by: Bombfell: “Bombfell. Open and clothes.” Bombfell is an easier way for men to get better clothes. You pay nothing to sign up and only pay for the clothes you keep. You can get $25 off your first purchase by going to Rover: The nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers. Go to and use code beard to find someone who cares about dogs as much as you do, and receive a $25 discount on your first booking!

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  10. Tim Ferris - Mental Performance, Work-Life Balance, and the Rise to the Top – Maria Sharapova

    "No matter what rock is in the way, no matter what storm is on the way, the water’s ultimately going to go down the river." - Maria Sharapova Maria Sharapova (@MariaSharapova) is one of the best tennis players in the world.

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