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  1. DRS Episode 372 – Writing Short Fiction Like A Boss-The Dead Robots’ Society

    DRS Episode 372 – Writing Short Fiction Like A Boss

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    Sep 26th, 2015


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    Scott, Terry, Justin, and Paul think they know how to write short fiction which is: anything less than novel length. Also? Is Scott an insect?

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    15 Inspiring Writing Podcasts to Subscribe to Right Now says:

    December 23, 2015 at 5:00 am

    […] A great place to start: The hosts talk about writing excellent short fiction in the episode, “Write Short Fiction Like a Boss.” […]

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  2. Firsts in Fiction Podcast: Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules for Writing |

    Aaron Gansky and Steve McLain take a look at Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules for Writing.

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  3. Guardian book club: Iain M Banks on Use of Weapons

    As the latest novel in the Culture series hits the bookshops, we look at the third of Iain M Banks’s best-selling SF novels, The Use of Weapons. Known for writing in two separate strands – science fiction and literary novels – Banks explains how the two inspired each other, with the Culture emerging from his work on the first draft of his debut novel, The Wasp Factory.

    He also explains the role that a misunderstanding of structuralism played in the construction of his fictional multiverse, and reveals that the dual chronology he uses in the novel was not in fact his idea at all …

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  4. Writing Fiction As A Non-Fiction Writer Plus How To Launch Your Book With Tim Grahl | The Creative Penn

    Writing fiction as a non-fiction writer can be a steep learning curve. Tim Grahl and I discuss this today as well as tips for launching your book. In the introduction, I mention BookFunnel’s new giveaway feature, the Arthur C Clarke award opening up to indie authors. Plus, the launch of my new course, How to Write a

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  5. PRI: To the Best of Our Knowledge

    Writing Fiction vs Non-Fiction — When you read a piece of nonfiction, you naturally expect that you’re reading the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Right? So how would you feel if you found out that theauthor of an essay you’re reading was taking certain liberties with the facts to make the piece more captivating?

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