Best way to start playbooking

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In this video I show you guys an easy method to start building playbooks quickly whether you're brand new and have no patterns, or you're a scalper and need to playbook a lot of setups quickly from the session. You'll learn how to take a lot of samples. How to tag them quickly, How to stat track them. Stat tracking will allow you to know which ones to really take to the next level and develop on a deeper level. Once you have your playbook setups you will trade them in a separate account where you will continue to refine them. You will then simultaneously be switching to another account during sessions so you can continue to practice without having long periods of down time in between playbook setups. This will allow you to keep sampling and find even more playbook setups to add to the pipeline. The rick is to always have setups everyday multiple times a day. Once you master your setups you can start to size them up. This is a potential path to consistency and big returns for those of you who really work at it.

Steps to playbooking:

1st month 1- Record your trading screen 2- Over trade on strategy tester account 3- Look through PNL and look for the best performin…

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