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  1. “Mad Men” Creator Matthew Weiner

    For the second year running, top honors at the Emmys for best dramatic series went to an AMC cable show set in a New York ad agency in the early 1960s.

    The visuals of AMC’s “Mad Men” are all skinny ties and bullet bras — buttoned-down corporate America smoking and drinking and dancing on the edge of what we know would be assassinations and war and 1960s cultural revolution to come.

    Its world is white, sexist, racist, homophobic, shadowed by fear of nuclear war — and compelling, right now, in 2009.

    This hour, On Point: A conversation with Matthew Weiner, creator of “Mad Men.”


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  2. Clay Shirky at O’Reilly Media Gov 2.0 Summit

    In 2009, Apps For Democracy invited people to freely create applications using raw data generated by the federal government. Within 30 days there were over 40 working applications produced, and Apps For Democracy continues to be a success. However the 2005 L.A. Times wikitorial regarding the War in Iraq ended up at the opposite extreme in less than 48 hours, as debates turned into "flame wars" and indecent disrespect.

    Clay Shirky discusses the difference between these efforts to engage the public, and briefly unpacks three important points to keep in mind when attempting to harness collaborative participation: The nature of the "Contract with the Users"; the need to accomodate the unpredictability of the users; and the danger of "Heisenberg's press release".

    Shirky also weaves in an experiment by Uri Gneezy and Aldo Rustichini published in The Journal of Legal Studies on how the absence of clarity or firmness of clarity affects users behavior.

    From: http://itc.conversationsnetwork.org/shows/detail4411.html

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  3. mySpace was born of Ignorance - Planet Money #84

    If you find MySpace more chaotic than Facebook, that's no accident. Founders Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson wanted to create a site that's just as disorienting as your average nightclub, a crazy landscape of musicians and models and Hollywood desire, says Julia Angwin, author of Stealing Myspace: The Battle to Control the Most Popular Website in America. DeWolfe and Anderson came to their social networking juggernaut from the world of porn and spyware. Their greatest asset? Complete ignorance, Angwin says. Not knowing what to fear, the entrepreneurs just dove in. It gave them a great beginning — and an Achilles heel.

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  4. The Pipeline - Episode 12: Liz Danzico

    The Pipeline is an interview show with innovators, designers, geeks, newsmakers, and people who create things.

    Dan Benjamin interview Liz Danzico, a designer, educator, editor, and an independent information architecture and user experience consultant. Liz has worked with companies like Barnes & Noble, Happy Cog, Razorfish, and more. She worked with Boxes and Arrows as editor-in-chief for nearly seven years, and was director of experience strategy for AIGA.

    Dan and Liz discuss design, curating, the importance of user experience, writing for the web, inspiration, the future of the web and social networks, and where we’re headed as an online community.

    From http://5by5.tv/pipeline/12

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