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  1. Russia takes center stage : Radio Times : Politics & Policy : WHYY

    Guest: Sergio Caltagirone, Luke Harding

     Over the past couple of years, the Kremlin has surprised the international community with its ability to disrupt the machinations of other countries. The Russian government is being blamed for intentionally interfering in elections of foreign countries, including the U.S. They recently ratcheted up tensions with NATO states by allegedly poisoning a spy in the U.K., and most recently, the U.S. has pinned a hack of an electoral grid on Russians, resulting in sanctions. We’ll begin by talking with SERGIO CALTAGIRONE, a cybersecutiry and threat intelligence expert at Dragos Inc., about the Russian electoral grid hack, what its implications are for American’s infrastructure, and how the U.S. is prepared for these types of attacks. Then, we’ll talk with The Guardian’s LUKE HARDING, who was their Moscow bureau chief before being expelled. He has been covering the inner-workings of the Russian government and oligarchs for over a decade. He’ll talk to us about the chemical attacks, and about all of the evidence he has compiled that indicates Russian President Putin aligned himself with Donald Trump to get him elected president. His book is called Collusion: Secret Meetings, Dirty Money and How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win.

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  2. “Einstein para perplejos”, con José Edelstein | Radio Sefarad

    DESDE BARCELONA, CON SARAH CALO – El nombre de Albert Einstein es conocido por todos y gran parte de sus logros han sido extensamente divulgados. Aún así existen numerosos aspectos de su obra que gran parte del público no ha podido alcanzar a saber. El libro publicado recientemente “Einstein para perplejos” (cuyo título nos ofrece un paralelismo con Maimónides), nos acerca a la faceta más desconocida del físico alemán, escrito por dos físicos teóricos: Andrés Gomberoff y José Edelstein, con quien pudimos hablar.


    EtiquetasAlbert Einstein José Edelstein Sarah Calo

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  3. Les romanciers sont-ils de bons analystes de notre époque ?

    durée : 00:45:35 - Dimanche, et après ? - par : Julie Gacon - Quel est la place du romancier dans l’espace public, qui se voit sollicité, jour après jour, pour donner son avis au gré de l’actualité ? Comment le réel et la fiction se nourrissent l’un l’autre ? En direct et en public au Salon du Livre. - réalisé par : Anne-Laure Chanel

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  4. An Indieweb Podcast Episode 0 | David Shanske

    Test episode of An Indieweb Podcast

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  5. National Geographic Examines Its Racist Past

    For 130 years, National Geographic has built its reputation on striking photojournalism and stories about far-flung places and peoples. In its first 80 years, those stories often spread colonialist ideas about "natives" abroad, while ignoring real racial tensions in the United States or elsewhere. Now that hard conversations about race have become increasingly part of the national conversation, National Geographic has turned its focus toward unpacking our ideas about race: how we might have developed them, and what’s propagated them along the way. The magazine’s first step? Taking a deep and uncomfortable look into its own archives — and reckoning with the troubling coverage in its past. Brooke speaks with editor-in-chief Susan Goldberg about why the magazine has undertaken this project, what it’s found and what it hopes to achieve.

    For the latest issue of National Geographic, a single topic issue on the subject of race, visit

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  6. ‘Stranded in Shanghai’: The Jewish refugees who found an unlikely safe haven in China | CBC Radio

    Arthur Rothstein’s WW II photographs of Jewish refugees in Shanghai are on display in North America for the first time. His daughter tells us how the photos were lost for 25 years and why the story they tell is still relevant.

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  7. The Brothers Weisberg on ‘The Americans’ and ‘Trumpcast’ | Public Radio International

    How “The Americans” and “Trumpcast” are related—in more ways than one.

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  8. Café del Sur - Glamour y Revolución - 18/03/18 -

    Café del Sur - Glamour y Revolución - 18/03/18, Café del sur ¿Puede la Revolución ser sexy? ¿El ‘hombre nuevo’ puede ser bello? ¿Y la mujer? Un viaje musical a la Cuba de hoy en día, entre continuidad y cambio, a través de la mirada de Wendy Guerra, una de las grandes protagonistas de ‘Cuba en la encrucijada’ recientemente editado por Leila Guerriero. Un libro de crónicas cubanas que es al mismo tiempo una excepcional instantánea de la mano de doce de los más prestigiosos periodistas y escritores de nuestro tiempo que abarca política y arte, música y béisbol, modas y estilos, presente y pasado.

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  9. AEON MAGAZINE - How a slave-owner invented the idea of racial prejudice

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  10. AEON MAGAZINE - Are ‘you’ just inside your skin or is your smartphone part of you?

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