Episode 42: The wisdom of Peter Drucker with Zach First

"What will you do Monday that's different?"

Zach First, executive director of the Drucker Institute, joins Diego + guest host Susan O'Malley for a packed extended episode. Whether you're new to Peter Drucker or a versed student, this is a conversation that will make you think differently about management, leadership and life. Zach, Susan and Diego answer questions from our extended community about everything from how AI will influence management, to distinguishing between an opportunity and a distraction. There are a few gems toward the end of the conversation—including an original recording from the Drucker archives. We highly recommend listening all the way through!

For more information about Zach and the Drucker Institute, visit www.drucker.institute. You can find both on Twitter, as well: @drzfirst + @druckerinst. Subscribe to their digital magazine, Monday, here: http://www.drucker.institute/monday-index/

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