Greg Jenner - Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast #157

Portuguese Boy’s Urine

Richard seems to think he’s the new Frost:Nixon for some reason, but his audience banter suggests he has some way to go. But never mind, he’s talking to historian and Horrible Histories expert Greg Jenner.

There’s something for everyone, as long as you’re a fan of Viagra or Leonardo di Vinci. And if not then you can find out about the history of toilets and cantaloupes and penicillin and Papal orgies and William the Conqueror and church-based arson. Richard expounds his boring theory about Rasputin and Greg has some interesting theories about celebrity. And what if you time-travelled to see Jesus and found out you were Jesus. Wow. Is your mind blown? And what if the only thing to survive from our time was Ed Miliband’s Millstone?

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