Russell Brand | Freedom from Our Addictions (Episode 659)

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Hosted by Jordan Harbinger.

This interview with comedian, actor, author, and activist Russell Brand has been a long time in the making and almost didn’t happen — but we’re so glad it did.

Russell joins us to talk about everything from his new book Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions to beekeeping to mindfulness to mass media to philosophy. Listen, learn, and enjoy!

The Cheat Sheet: How the concept of the twelve-step program is applicable to all forms of attachment as a tool for transition. Why does it usually take a serious crisis to spur people toward seeking help for their addictions? Addiction is really the result of reaching for something external that already exists internally — but exists in a place that’s either unknown or inaccessible. Do we really overcome addiction, or is it an ongoing struggle that requires constant attention and maintenance? What does addiction want? And so much more…

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