Track Changes: Lara Hogan on Engineering and Public Speaking

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  1. What makes a good speaker? Kelsey Hightower Lara Hogan

    Lara Hogan, who literally wrote the book on public speaking, and Kelsey Hightower, speaker and chair of many tech conferences, join us to share their personal speaking stories (and nightmares!), how they prepare their talks, and the common mistakes they see first-time speakers make.

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  2. Management Muscles with Lara Hogan – Strong Feelings

    Did your first management gig come with a small pay bump and zero training? Ours too! But being good at doing a job doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be good at managing people doing it. That’s where our guest, Lara Hogan, comes in!

    Lara is an author, public speaker, and coach for managers and leaders across the tech industry. Her latest book, Resilient Management, is brand-new this week. We’re huge fans of the way Lara throws out the playbook of a domineering boss who aims to intimidate. Instead, she’s all about nurturing, coaching, and sponsoring people— so they can grow and reach their goals. And she does it all with empathy, warmth, and humility. Love.

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  3. Resilient Management: A conversation with management expert Lara Hogan — Postlight — Digital Product Studio

    Focus on Core Needs: Lara Hogan knows and loves management so she wrote a book about it. This week she joins Paul and guest host Gina Trapani to chat about her new book and about leadership in the workplace. Lara breaks down her framework for managing different types of people and gives tips on how to adapt your management style. She also gives Paul some useful advice on where he should sit in the office and explains why moving desks can be so traumatic. …

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  4. The Committed - Lara Hogan of Etsy

    Lara Hogan is a Senior Engineering Manager of Performance at Etsy. A lot of Lara can be summed up in one word - commitment. Her level of decisiveness is definitely admirable and something I hope to achieve in my career in general. Overall, the conversation was a fun one, we talked about her family life, her background and education, what the kind face really means, and how she’s built a career in the web industry. We even spoke a bit about donuts and cookies.


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