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  1. Dulé Hill: Move a Mountain

    West Wing alert! Old friends Rob Lowe and Dulé Hill sit down to talk all things West Wing, Wonder Years and more! In today’s episode find out how Dulé landed his role as Charlie Young after being dropped by his agency, what’s happening on the new Wonder Years, and if he still tap dances on set!

    Got a question for Rob? Call our voicemail at (323) 570-4551. Yours could get featured on the show!

    Original video: https://literally-with-rob-lowe.simplecast.com/episodes/dule-hill-move-a-mountain-A_UzbO9C
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  2. Ralph Bakshi‘s Lord of the Rings (1978), Part 2 - with Black Girs Create

    Being the one hundred and twenty-sixth episode of the show in which Balrog wings are controversial, MC relives the first time she got spoiled, and the end?


    MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A PIPPIN NEW YEAR MERCH! https://bit.ly/30N56Zy (get it before it’s taken


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  3. ros

    Life of the Record is a documentary podcast about how iconic albums are

    made. Featuring the voices of the creators, each episode delves into the

    writing, recording and touring of a record that became a classic. The first

    season includes in-depth interviews with the people who were there,

    including PLEASED TO MEET ME by the Replacements S/T by Elliott Smith,



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  4. TV Show and Tell: Alex Horne

    Listen to With guest Alex Horne from ‘Taskmaster’ from TV Show and Tell. Alex Horne, the devisor and co-presenter of ‘Taskmaster’ joins us to discuss tasks, treasure hunts, ‘Countdown’, Belgium and golf. There’s also the latest format news, ‘What We’ve Been Watching’, ‘Ask the Doctor’ and the inaugural game of ‘Fake or Format?’. Finally, Alex brings something to ‘show and tell’ us to demonstrate how he gets his ideas.


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  5. Ep 216 » The Bombadil Enigma - An Interview with Keith Mathison » Who Is Tom Bombadil???

    Who is Tom Bombadil? In all of the Middle-earth legendarium, there is no other figure as puzzling and strange. From his interactions with Old Man Willow to his relationship with the One Ring, Tom proves he is one of the most powerful beings in Middle-earth. But where did he come from? And what is his significance for the larger story? Join us, as we explore the Bombadil Engima.

    On this episode we are joined by Keith Mathison. Earlier this year, Keith published an article on his blog entitled “The Bombadil Enigma”. It’s a fascinating exploration of what we know about Tom Bombadil, and Keith’s theory on the meaning of Tom Bombadil is one we think you’ll find very interesting!

    Tom Bombadil Artwork by Matthew Stewart: https://www.matthew-stewart.com/middle-earth#/tom-bomadil-dill-a-dong-dillyo/

    Please patronize the Tolkien Road: https://patreon.com/tolkienroad

    For more on this episode and The Tolkien Road podcast, please visit TolkienRoad.com or Facebook.com/TolkienRoad. Also, follow us on Twitter via @TolkienRoad.

    This episode is executive produced by Kaitlyn of Tea With Tolkien!

    Special thanks to the following patrons:

    Shannon S Brian O Emilio P Zeke F James A James L Chris L Chuck F Asya V Ish of the Hammer Teresa C David of Pints with Jack Jonathan D Eric S Joey S Eric B…

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiFIWF6BtUo
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  6. Struggling To See The Big Picture As You Work? The Horizons Of Focus Model Is For You # 53

    Sometimes we get so caught up in our day-to-day work, simply ‘doing’, often over-busy and fighting fires - that we lose the bigger picture. We can often find ourselves being driven by the ‘latest and loudest’ rather than the things that will really help us achieve our bigger goals and objectives.

    This loss of perspective is normal, but the Getting Things Done® (GTD®) Horizons of Focus model can help ensure that your daily work is aligned to big picture thinking - the higher-level values and your wider purpose.

    Todd Brown and Robert Peake discuss the Horizons of Focus model and how it can be used to help drive your work, be guided by your purpose, and see the big picture in everything you do.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/next-action-associates/struggling-to-see-the-big-picture-as-you-work-the-horizons-of-focus-model-is-for-you-53
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  7. How to find trading ideas every single day

    I recently received an email asking me where all the trading ideas are.

    I think every episode provides at least 1 idea of value, but one that stands out in my mind was the chat with Rob Hanna in episode 7.

    In that episode he share loads of trading ideas.

    But he also goes one step further and explains the technique he uses to find new trading ideas…




    Using this technique we can find lots of ideas to test too.

    Take a listen to this short audio snippet from Rob explaining how he never runs out of trading ideas to test.

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