Thinking Allowed—Detective tours and Russian organised crime

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  1. Q&A Regarding Paul Merriman’s Recommended Portfolios - Paul Merriman

    [powerpress] Q&A Regarding Paul Merriman's Recommended Portfolios This 30-minute podcast gives investors a better understanding of how and why I put

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  2. Steven de Souza - Film Talk

    Steven De Souza is one of few screenwriters whose films have earned over $2 billion at the box office. His work includes Oscar nominated “Die Hard”, “Die Hard 2”, “Commando”, “The Running Man”, and “Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life”.

    He has been nominated twice for the Edgar Allen Poe award for best mystery screenplay and twice for the Saturn award for best Science Fiction/Fantasy Film. In 2000 he was honored with the Norman Lear Award for Lifetime Achievement in writing.



    Recommended Book

    The Way Hollywood Tells It

    .Recommended Movie

    North by Northwest

    Recommended Website/App

    Steven’s Twitter

    Cinephilia & Beyond

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    Recommended ShowsPen DenshamBrian RawlingsKathie Fong YonedaRobert GrantRobb SkylerChris VoglerReinhard DenkeMichele WallersteinGareth UnwinChris Bell

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  3. What Digital Artists NEED to know about HARDWARE | All Parts Guide

    Configure your custom 3D/VFX workstation with a Puget professional!

    Base-Level 3D/VFX Rig:

    Suggested Cinema 4D Build: Suggested Unreal Engine Build: Suggested Video Editing Build:

    Blender Benchmark: OctaneBench: CineBench:


    As people who's hobbies and careers depend on a reliable computer, we need to have a general understanding of the parts that make the whole, so we can build, buy or upgrade with confidence. In this video I break down each part, how they work, and where they're located in the PC. I also describe the difference between a high tier and low tier piece of hardware, and offer two avenues to build or buy your own machine for varying budgets and needs.

    Just a couple things to note. First, I choose PC over mac and that's just personal preference. I've always been a gam…

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  4. Mormon Chronicle: Recommended Books

    In this episode, Ezra Taylor and Andrew Curtis discuss some of the books in the Mormon Chronicle recommended books section. You can see those books here

    Why do we recommend those books? What are they about? What are some interesting things about each of them? Find out in this episode of the Mormon Chronicle podcast.

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  5. Primal Blueprint Podcast : How Much Sugar Is Recommended Per Day?

    There’s no official limit for sugar consumption in the U.S. What’s going on? Well, since sugar’s not an essential nutrient, the Institute of Medicine hasn’t issued a recommended daily allowance (RDA) for it like they have for calcium, total carbs, fat, selenium and all other essential nutrients. They have, however, suggested people get no more than 25% of their calories from added sugar. Yes: 25%. You’d hope the premier health organization in a first-world nation of 300+ million people would have higher expectations for its subjects, but nope. They’re apparently happy as long as you “only” eat about a quarter of your calories as pure white sugar.

    (This Mark's Daily Apple article was written by Mark Sisson, and is narrated by Brock Armstrong)

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  6. Recommended Reading from Ben

    The first of a series of Book Reviews by Ben Crowe at Crimson Guitars.

    This is the introduction to a new series that will be exclusive to our Guild members, where Ben gives in-depth reviews to the books that have helped to shape his career.

    Do you know of any books that inspired you? Any books that Ben has left off his list? Please tell us in the comments below.

    For the full book list and links please go here:

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